Do rabbits fart?

I think I just heard a poot sound coming from my rabbit while it was eating.

It’s either from the nose or from the butt. Hahaha.

Funny hor? I was quite surprised. First time hearing a fart from small animals.


Ok, I just found a clip of a rabbit farting. It looks editted though. But the poot sound was like the one coming from my rabbit. ROFLMAO.



I found a rabbit fart game. Quite fun, and please turn on your speakers. Hahahaha.

5 thoughts on “Do rabbits fart?

  1. that rabbit didn’t actually fart, i know cuz he’s mine. :) that was a sound effect i added.
    rabbits shouldn’t fart and i haven’t personally ever heard one (i’ve had house rabbits 20 years so i’ve been around).
    GI stasis is a slowing down of the gut and can cause painful gas, so if i ever did have a farting rabbit he would be at the vet pronto!

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